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Banister School

We are delighted to announce a new triple project with Banister school starting in September 2014. Banister School is an expanding primary school in Southampton with an excellent team dedicated to teaching. Open Futures will be working with them to support three key areas, with a forth project pending approval.


Project 1 Online Presence

The school are keen to foster and develop the great community work they have started. Key to this strategy is the use and adoption of online tools. The project kicks off with a review and development of the schools website. Up to date content and ease of site management are critical to the requirements. Open Futures aims to support the School team with advice on CMS platforms.The use of HMTL 5 technologies and linking the website with social media.

Project 2 Report Management

Statistical data and fast reporting are essential for the Head of School. Not only for reporting to the key stakeholders, but also in making informed decisions on curriculum management, pupil progress and staff development. Whilst the School has an effective Management Information System, it can be time consuming.  After a brief consultation meeting, the Open Futures team identified a number of key tools that would help speed up the process of reporting. In addition to this we hope to be able to provide a more flexible approach to data analysis. All using the schools existing software and based around the Microsoft Office Suite. When completed we hope to have helped Banister Administration team streamline the process and provide training to enable them to develop their own innovative approaches in the future.

Project 3 Staff development training

With recent changes to the curriculum we now see our primary school children being introduced to the world of computer programming. That brings with it an exciting challenge for the teachers at Banister. Not only do they need to learn the new curriculum. They need to brush up on those programming skills for themselves, develop lesson plans, make the classes relevant for the children and design approaches for monitoring development. The Open Futures team are really excited to be able to support Banister School with this project. Our most experienced programmer is currently developing a training course for the teachers. Enabling them to best understand not only the principles of coding, but also the resources, tools and different ways it can be relevant to other areas of learning.