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OF Apprentices join SharePoint

We are delighted to say feedback from your apprentices on the new SharePoint portal is positive. In January this year Open Future Associates offered Apprentices on our training programmes the chance to manage their portfolios through SharePoint. To date the feedback from everyone about the site and its features has been very encouraging.

Replacing our old 3 party online e-portfolio system, the new SharePoint site was designed to give our apprentices the opportunity to manage and develop their learning in way that best suited them. The system offers a range of facilities all geared towards maximising the opportunities whilst studying for apprenticeship.


These include:



Having had a positive thumbs up from the Apprentices, the system is in the final stages for external auditing approval. Once completed you will be able to see a number of video guides outlining the key features. As well User Guides to help get the most from the system.

We aim to make the site available and or the site design for other organisations by Dec 2104. If you wish to know before then or feel SharePoint maybe able to support your organisation, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.